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Bill is extremely excited to be in the studio working on a full-length LP to be released in winter 2015!

[Friday - October 31]

 Aggie Theater  w/ Musketeer Gripweed

The Yawpers   (8:30-9:15)

Fort Collins,  CO

[Friday - October 31]

 Crankenstein  (10:30) 

Fort Collins,  CO

[Saturday - November 8]

The 1up Colfax  w/ Nunchuck (Chuck of Lotus)

Greener Grounds 
Denver, CO

[Friday - November 28]

Quixotes True Blue 


Denver, CO

[Thursday - December 4]

Hodi's Halfnote  w/ Ghost Owl

Fort Collins, CO

[Saturday - January 3]

Park House w/ Nunchuck (Chuck Morris of lotus)

Denver, CO

[Saturday - January 16]

Schmiggity's  w/ Nunchuck (Chuck Morris of lotus)

Steamboat Springs, CO