A long, long time ago Bill Smith’s native planet Ceesharpminor of the Eeymayjor-7 quadrant was billed to smithereens and diminished by the tyrannical empire of the infamous ruler….Beephlait. Having no choice but to jettison towards the vastness of space, Bill escaped in a flurry of melodic possibilities leaving behind any regard for the orthodox time signatures and tethered tonal anchors that were so well cherished by his fallen culture. Bill forged ahead fearlessly; deeper and deeper through the cosmos until he drifted into a cluster of stars we call the Milky Way. In an endeavor to rip the fabric of space and time and create a portal back to before his world was destroyed, Bill stumbled upon his ability to ferment the futuristic  sounds of his world with a classic rock instrumentation of Earth. This discovery would surely cause him to second guess the attempt to redeem his ancestors. Unlike humans, Ceesharpminorians are born with multiple egos a can absorb or disembody them at their will. Bouncing from experience to experience, Bill continues to roam the Earth in search of others to converge in harmonious debauchery, as is the human tradition. - The Bill Smith Memoirs

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